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Seren Willicombe’s practice focuses on three key themes: time, place, and familial ties.  Willicombes practice reflects upon her family’s history and relationship to the Welsh landscape.   


Mae ymarfer Seren Willicombe yn canolbwyntio ar dair thema allweddol: amser, lle, a chysylltiadau teuluol. Mae ymarfer Willicombe yn myfyrio ar hanes a pherthynas ei theulu â thirwedd Cymru.



Seren did her GCSEs and A levels at Ysgol Bryn Tawe and is currently studying at Swansea College of Art, University of Wales Trinity Saint David. GCSE Art, GCSE Media Studies, GCSE ICT, A Level Photography, A Level Media Studies, OCR level 3 Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma, Currently studying Photography in the Arts (BA) at Swansea College of Art

Commercial Work

seren has previous experience of curating photoshoots for people and organisations including Ysgol Bryn TAwe''s Sixth form prom 2017 & 2019.

Seren also has experience with writing articles including the friends of the Glynn Vivian newsletter.

Seren had a photography internship with Swansea Bid in 2023.

Selected Exhibitions

Without Borders

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Elysium Gallery


The House of Smalls

06/11/21 - 04/12/21

Soft Anatomy

Volcano Theatre, Swansea

01/12/21 - 08/12/21

Y Farchnad Gelf

Swansea Market

19/11/21 - 20/11/21

Swansea Open 2021/22

Walk the Line

The House of Smalls

02/03/23 - 18/03/23

Glynn Vivian Gallery

20/11/21 - 30/01/22


The Time of her Life II


Denevor Campus, Swansea College of Art

29/04/22 - 04/05/22

The House of Smalls

26/08/22 - 29/08/22

The House of Smalls

15/05/22 - 12/06/22

Golwg ar Gelf 2021, 22, 23

Alex Building, Swansea College of Art / Cardiff School of Art and Design

2021, 2022, 2023

Overly Blueish

Denevor Campus, Swansea College of Art / Copeland Gallery, Peckham

19/05/23 - 17/06/23 / 06/07/23 - 09/06/23

Seren May Willicombe Participation certificate (1).jpg
Seren May Willicombe Participation certificate.jpg

Key Skills

Other information

Self-driven, Creative, ICT Skills, Leadership Skills, Teamwork skills, experience flying and doing aerobatics in a grob tutor

British Passport

British Driving Licence

UWTSD Saint David's award for contribution to Welsh language and culture whilst studying at the university


Fluent in Welsh and English

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